We provide tailored support throughout your journey of growth. We are in our element when we work alongside venture teams towards achieving ambitious and clearly defined business and impact outcomes.

We invest in lock-step ventures, where there is a mutually reinforcing dynamic between profit and impact, while solving for social and environmental challenges. Check our portfolio to see some examples. We invest from idea to growth, from pre-seed to Series A.

We have the liberty and mandate to pursue impact first, not last. How does it translate into value to your company? Read below.

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An impact mindset and discipline enhances commercial outcomes, product development, access to capital, talent attraction and every other single element of a business. We bring over 25+ years of impact expertise into the day-to-day operations of MSM portfolio companies, enabling them to be more resilient and building asymmetric advantages compared with their peers. We use the Impact Management Project framework. As an impact fund, our carry as fund managers is tied to the impact performance of our portfolio companies. This is something we are very proud of.

Amongst the multitude of things that make businesses move forward, we know that two things are paramount for early stage ventures: commercial outcomes and access to capital. We have productised and structured our approach to capital and commercial introductions by leveraging on our global networks of corporates and investors. Furthermore, we love rolling-up our sleeves and working with venture teams on financial modelling, cap table arrangements and all the things that help founders succeed.

We have been founders ourselves. We know the sacrifice and pains that come along with the excitement of building something new for which we are passionate about. We know that all of our portfolio companies will face hardship:
co-founders will have disagreements, targets will not be met, insecurities will interfere. We embrace those challenges, and we enjoy solving them with you. That is why each founder can count on 24/7 support available in the channel of their choice, to deal with all things needed in a timely manner.

Long gone are the days where the brightest students wanted to work for corporates with a pure shareholder model. The war for the best talent is now fought on the grounds of impact and purpose, and the best talent wants to work for companies that are high performing and intellectually stimulant whilst making the world a better place. As a result of our unfair advantage, the best talent comes to us either directly or through our network.

Our impact venture community hosts +100 founders today and counting. It is an online space shared with our accelerator, where founders, technical teams, mentors and experts meet to ensure that no query goes unanswered. Also it is a community with perks, as by becoming a part of it you will have access to over $1 million in perks and discounts from the best service providers.

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